A Complete Guide on Instagram Reels After TikTok got banned in a few countries, Instagram chose the opportunity to add another engaging feature to its platform, which was later knowns as Reels. After the huge success of TikTok and the massive publicity it gained, other companies have tried to launch a similar product on their list, and so did Instagram. So why not get our account into Reels and enjoy!  

An overview of Instagram Reels

Instagram is a social media platform with a broad base. And recently, it introduced a feature Reels or reel video Instagram that skyrocketed the fame soon enough. It was hailed as the copy of TikTok. But soon it became the people’s favorite. Reels allows you to make and post videos of under 60 seconds. With the reels, people stay curious about the content while not getting bored of the length. You can have different effects, filters, stickers, good sound addons, etc.   

How to make Instagram Reel?

To make an Instagram Reels video, you must first have an Instagram account and log in.   

  • First, go to the box icon you see at the end of your screen and press on it. You will get the recording status with several options available and the camera on.
  • You will have an Audio option on the left side of the screen from which you can add any song or particular music from the Instagram Library. You will also have Speed, Effects, and Timer tools to add if you need them.
  • After you’re ready with the settings, press the record for a clip. You can also set a timer for having a hands-free recording done.

For transitions, you can press the same red button to stop your recording, click it again, and press align. You may align it by using the settings on the left side of your screen.  

Things to keep in mind while making Instagram Reel

 Create Engaging Content

Make reels that are simple to understand and can have more people interested in them. The curiosity of the public is what attracts them to the content.   


Anything that can touch the viewers helps in creating a sense of reliability and moreover, it increases the chances of getting viral.   

Trending Song and Text

Songs that went wild on the internet can never be a bore. And the text included will only make it easier for the Instagram community to comprehend the content.   

 No Watermarked Content

The algorithm of Instagram doesn’t let videos of other applications coexist with the Reels if the watermarks are visible. It will take your Reel out of the way of most Explore options and other Reels. 

 Use Tools

Features such as Filters, stickers, transition effects, music, text, and other add-ons help in enhancing the quality of your content.  You should use them more often.  

Can you add audio to the Instagram reel?

Yes. When the reels feature was newly launched, Instagram faced several bug issues in the reels audio. But since then, adding audio to Reels has become a lot easier. You can now use the Reels feature by going to the bottom of your screen. Once you click on the Audio icon on the left, you can add audio through the save option, or even carry on a search to find the specific ones you want. After choosing the song, you can clip it into your preferred part and use it.   

Can you access the insights about the reels?

Reels Insights is only accessible to ones with Business or Creator accounts. You will check the insights by clicking on the top right-hand side of the application. Click on it to view a report of your Reels in the last 30 days with analytics as well. For a single Reel, you can go up to it and click on the three dots shown on the screen of your Reel. It will have an insight option which will again redirect you to the analytical report of that specific Reel.  

The Final Words

Instagram Reels have become worldwide popular. Bundled with various creative tools it also provides a user-friendly experience that anyone can use it. Moreover, everyone enjoys creating and enjoying Reels. Reels are also helpful in advertising or promoting certain companies or products. Several social media agency services, Kolkata, also use these features for their clients. Moreover, you can use it, and people over the globe can now add and edit music, images, text, and videos and share them.  


Can you remove the Instagram background image for your Reel?

Yes, you can remove the Instagram background image by adding the Green-Screen option.   

  • Open Reels on Instagram.
  • Click on the image icon in the bottom left corner and select the Green-Screen option at the top right.
  • Choose from your collection any image you want as the background. You can remove the picture and disable the feature as well.

 Is it possible to check followers’ backgrounds on Instagram?

No. Unless the followers do not post, you cannot view the follower’s background.