Google word coach is the game’s name that can help you expand your English language vocabulary. It opens up your vocabulary in an exciting and fun manner. It comes under the translation boxes and dictionary when you search for Google word coach in your web browser. 

Google word coach game is one of the best quiz games. The user gets two choices with a few questions. The user needs to choose the correct answer to the respective questions. It will make the user win and move to the next question. When the user decides on the incorrect option, he gets a detailed explanation of the question. They will explain why the answer is wrong. 

When it comes to vocabulary, most people are not good enough. Google word coach is for those people. Open this if you want to improve your English speaking skills. It is for people with a bad English vocabulary. 

Good Word coach

It is pretty fun to use the Google word coach game. If you do not have a good vocabulary in English, this game is your answer. This game will help you master your English vocabulary. If you are a user who uses this game daily, it will help you speak and improve your vocabulary. 

When was Google word coach launched?

It was launched in February 2018 for non-English speaking countries. India was also included among them. You can consider it one of the best initiatives taken by Google. 

You must be thinking about why this is a great initiative. Let us explain!

You need a kind of medium to communicate. It is because different people from numerous places talk in varied languages. To share with many people, you need a shared medium. It is going to serve as a way of interaction. English is one of the chosen languages. We all understand that many people are still unable to speak English. To help solve this problem and make your life a little easier, Google started the Google word coach game. You can use Google word coach to sharpen or improve your English speaking skills.

How to open Google Word Coach? 

Opening Google word coach is one of the most straightforward and exciting processes. There are some misconceptions that you might not know about this game. One of those things is that you can play this game only on limited platforms like iOS or Android phones. It is false because you can also play this game on computers and laptops. 

If you want to know how to open the word coach game on Google through your laptop, here are the instructions that you can follow: 

  • Open your web browser by double clicking on the icon.
  • You will see that the web browser will open soon. Now, type Google word coach in the search box of your web browser and press the enter button. 
  • After the completion of the search, your web page will load. Tap on the first suggestion that will display on your web browser. 
  • Once you open the word coach game on Google, it will appear similar to any quiz game. Now you can start playing your game. 

Now that you know how to open google word coach on pc, improve your English vocabulary today. 

How to play the Google word coach game?

We have already said that this game is pretty simple to play. Anyone can play Google word coach using their tablets, computers and mobile phones. 

google word coach play

Now that you know how to open the Google word coach game, you can learn how to play it. After opening the game, you need to read and understand the questions correctly. After you know the question, mark the option. Think carefully and keep the correct choice. 

If you mark the correct option, you will see the next question. If you keep the incorrect choice, Google will give you explanations. You will get explanations for wrong answers when you play Google word coach. Google will precisely explain why your answer is incorrect. 

Google has designed this game to motivate users to understand English vocabulary. They provide you with some points every time there is a reward. You will get it whenever you pick the correct answer. You can always do it if you think of sharing a school with family and friends. But in case of the wrong answer choice, they will give you a full explanation. You will get the correct answer and the reason behind your wrong answer. 

How many levels are there in google word coach?

There are two levels available in the Google word coach game. You need to answer the five questions in the first round. If your answers are wrong, you will not be able to go to the next level. You can also skip questions if you like. If you do not know the answer, you can skip the question. You can also do it when you don’t want to choose the wrong answer. 

At some rounds, you will come across a level-up button. You will go to the next level with no endpoint when you click the button. Every class includes five rounds. It is not simple to say the highest score on Google word coach yet. It indicates that you need to try your hand at the game. If you want to improve your English vocabulary, this is the game you need to try today. 

Can I download word coach?

No, you cannot make Google word coach from your PC, tablet or smartphone. You will find the instructions for opening this game in the above sections. We have given the outline of the steps that you need to follow in your web browser. 

After you open the game, you need to keep answering the questions. There is no possibility to download this app as it is only available in mobile browsers. But, you can also open it from your laptop or computer. It is ready to use the game that can be accessed when you search for it in the Google web browser. 

What is the highest score in word coach?

The answer to this question is quite trickier. Still, it is impossible to say the highest score in this game. You must keep playing the game and answer correct questions for the best results. The more correct questions you answer, the more questions appear in the second level. This game will instruct you on the skills of English for being a professional. So, there is no end to acquiring knowledge regarding English vocabulary. Open the game and start playing to impress people through your communication skills. 

google word coach score

Wrapping Up

Developers, users, small business owners, marketers and freelancers can benefit from Google’s offerings. The best part about this is that you can make the most of it for free. Most people utilise the free versions and ignore the premium ones for corporations and businesses. One of the best examples for end customers is this game that is entirely free for use. It helps you expand your knowledge of the English language and acquire new vocabulary. Excellent features are associated with this game, and people from all Nations and countries can use it. 

Now that you have good online resources, you do not need to depend on a dictionary as you used before. Searching for a particular term online is much more comfortable than flipping through dictionary pages in the digital world. Google is one of the best places to look up a word when you don’t know about it. The talk will appear in the list of concepts once you type it in your browser in the first few letters. So, start playing the Google word coach game today and strengthen your vocabulary daily.