With everything turned online, from booking a movie ticket to finding a product of your liking, it has become tough to find customers in this technological era. Firms using digital platforms to sell and buy products and services often enjoy more benefits than those who stick to the traditional way of conducting trade in person. 

What Is Internet Marketing?

The term internet marketing or eMarketing itself defines its meaning, Internet Marketing, i.e., marketing through digital platforms, like emails, websites, search engines, and social media. 

The term internet marketing was first coined in the 1990s. From the first click banner introduced in 1993 to the birth of Google in 1998, eMarketing has evolved a lot and continues to adopt the new and latest technology.

What aspect of digital does Google represent?

A world without Google? Feels scary, right?

It has unknowingly become a prominent part of our lives, and it stands out as the most prominent application in the digital world.

Google represents two aspects of internet marketing; digital information and digital communication. When you make your business digital, and a user finds it suitable and wants to explore more, what will he do? 

He will type your company or brand name on the search box and look for the results. 

You need to make sure that your website comes on top of the first page when something happens. Work on optimizing your website’s rank so that the users can find it easily. Create an attractive website with a good layout and design to ease your potential customers’ search.

What are the features Of Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing is now becoming very popular and handy because of its various benefits and advantages. The positive features of Online Marketing easily overshadow its negative ones, if there are any.

  • eMarketing allows a businessman to broaden the area of interest by promoting the business on a large scale. Reaching very far, it covers the local geographical location and manages to extend it to an international level.
  • “We’ll think about it!” or “We’ll see if there’s only this one good, then we will come back.” Tired of hearing excuses from your customers? Well, eMarketing has solved this issue. 
  • You advertise your product on social platforms, and customers will instantly respond in the form of likes and comments. These platforms will also help in making your product and brand name viral.
  • Open for consumers 24X7/365 days; it eases the shopping for us. Anytime you want, add the product you like to your cart. It is also accessible, making it more convenient than the traditional method. While doing anything, you can order whatever you want with just one click.
  • You don’t have to worry about what to do if you do not find the product much to your preference. Many digital businesses provide a return back option with a full refund. You can return the product within the specified time limit and exchange it for another or get a refund; it is your choice!

Types of Internet Marketing

There are various types of internet marketing, and it has many strategies from which one can choose the best that they think will be good for their business.

 Social Media Marketing

Social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can be used to market your brand and reach a global audience without any unnecessary use of finance.

 Content Marketing

Content marketing uses blogs, posts, articles, webinars, etc., to promote your product to the audience. With relevant and engaging details about the product, you can easily reach your targeted audience.

 Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing or influencer marketing involves a three-part method. There is the seller, an affiliate, and then the consumer. The affiliate’s work is to promote the product online by sharing its links and details.

 Email Marketing

Being the oldest and first in eMarketing, this method continues to be the most used. The seller directly sends an email to the list of target customers, informing them about the details of the product.

Search Engine Marketing

To yield good results in Search Engine Marketing, you need to improve your ranking by using special keywords. SEO services can be taken by hiring a professional digital marketing consultant, like G-Web Solutions from Kolkata.


Should we use Internet Marketing?

Yes, eMarketing has become a very usual and ordinary source for everyone. Readily available and accessible, consumers find it more convenient to buy products online. 

How to make a product “viral”?

Take notice of the latest fashion and trends around you. Promote them with really catchy content and videos or pictures with hashtags on social platforms. It will undoubtedly go viral.


With time moving so fast, it is not a lie to say that a lot has to come, and it is just the start of many developments and evolutions. If one has to say in exact words, eMarketing has made our lives very easy, and though it also has restrained the regular activities for some.