Learn about the pros and cons of PPC service and content marketing. Discover what could be the better investment of your marketing and time.

If you are a market or a business owner, there might be a battle going on inside your head. The problem you are facing is how you are going to develop your business reach. Here, the bottom line and brand awareness also come into play. The two opponents pay per click advertising and content marketing are there in your path. Content marketing, on one hand, comes with some convincing statistics:

Business owners choose branded content strategies that are more effective. It is when compared to advertisements in magazines and television. Contact marketing adopters experience website conversion rates. Those are higher than what non-adopters get. One of the most effective techniques for Search Engine optimization is on-page content.

White label PPC service can immediately get you on top of the search engine result pages. It can present you in front of people who are ready to engage and buy.

But, is it worth the cost?

If you are confused about whether to choose content marketing or PPC service, we will answer the state forward questions related to PPC versus content marketing.

To help you understand it better, we will cover the pros and cons of both. If you are a PPC service provider, this article will be helpful for you to make a decision specific to your brand and target audience.

PPC and content marketing: Decoding its pros and cons

Content Marketing

  • Upside: Content marketing refers to a lower-cost solution that keeps developing your visibility with time. If you want to stick with content marketing and accept the cost, content marketing can prove to be a real winner for better conversions and higher quality leads. It takes a lot of dedication for the best success factors. But it can be worth it.
  • Downside: Content marketing takes longer to ultimate return of interest. It takes serious commitment and you would not see the results until months after publishing your content. But, once you start seeing the results, it multi-folds.
  • Upside: Content marketing helps you earn better leads unlike white label PPC service. Once your content begins to rank, the leads you receive from organic search will be of better quality than those you get being a PPC service provider. Online search generates the best volume of leads and the highest conversion rates among online lead generation channels. Quality leads are more likely to engage and content marketing attracts them better.
  • Downside: It is hard to find qualified content creators and writers. A good writer can be challenging to find and it can take a lot of time to acknowledge writers yourself and figure out whether or not they are a good fit for your company.
  • Upside: There are costs for doing content marketing but they are one and all. Unlike the PPC Management service, content marketing is more cost-effective. After you publish your content, it will proceed to climb the SERPs and earn leads and clicks. You do not need to pay another penny.

These are some of the pros and cons of content marketing. There are lots of content agencies out there to solve your exact problem. Unlike PPC service Kolkata, the agencies can handle everything they promise to you. They will link you with a writer who can seamlessly increase your brand voice and manage your written content. Content marketing agencies also demand a particular level of success from their professionals, including skilled research and writing, so you can rest assured knowing that you will be receiving high-quality content that fits your business at the end of the day.


  • Downside: PPC service is a costly long-term plan. Unless you are ready to ooze your money, you will never be capable of sustaining a long-term PPC strategy or campaign. It is because you are going to get charged every time. It is when anyone clicks on your search engine result page listing. It is your aim to boost the traffic and remain on the top. For a good PPC Management service, you need to pay a lot only to stay visible on Google.
  • Upside: PPC service gets you on top of Google immediately. If you use Google AdWords, you need to bid on your target keyword. If your page happens to be relevant, your bid will be enough. Google will put your website at the top. The visibility is through the roof as you can see. The traffic you receive from paying for the best spot can make your campaign worth it. If you are one of the PPC service providers, you can make the most of this benefit.
  • Downside: Your visibility in Google disappears once you stop paying. It is one of the major disadvantages of PPC marketing. As long as your content stays relevant you will rank. It will never disappear and you need not pay any more than your upfront cost for publishing and producing. This is a drastic contrast when it comes to content marketing.

Wrapping Up

Both the marketing methods have their own pros and cons. You cannot choose one over the other as putting all your eggs in a single basket is always a risky strategy. So, keep in mind that both are situation-specific and valuable for particular campaigns.