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If you are looking for a trusted company that provides professional SEO services for your business, then Hub media is a perfect choice. Hub media is a renowned SEO agency in Kolkata. We at Hub Media, offer great SEO services and internet marketing for promotion of your business to get more leads and sales. Our team of SEO experts, ensures your business grows dramatically online. We are into operations since 2020, and our professionals carry more than 8 years of experience in the online marketing field.

While you run a business, whether it is a big or small business, you must capture the online market to grow your business. Here is where Hub media works for you, our main motive is to help your business to get more ROI through online marketing methods.

SEO Services We Offer

Hub media is committed to offer integrated SEO services for digital growth of your business. We ensure you get everything at one place, from SEO services to consultation regarding digital marketing. At hub media, we customize services as per individual needs.

Business Understanding

Business Understanding

We have a team of professionals who first understand your business and your requirements by giving individual dedicated time and then develop the website for you. 

search market analysis

Search market Analysis

If you want to gain online presence and traffic on your website via paid and unpaid strategies on search engines like google, yahoo etc then we have professionals who can search the best way for your business to grow online.

Competitor analysis tool

Competitor analysis

We provide access to in-depth competitor analysis related to all segments of your business and provide crucial information on their business structure, marketing strategy, products and services which will help you to work on the right approach to beat the competition.

Website Audit

Website Audit

We review your website’s code, technical configuration, mobile optimization, content in website, site speed, backlinks and many more with our bespoke audit. 

UI/UX Analysis

UI/UX Analysis

Work with our web developers today and conversion experts to increase the UX of your website. And improve the interaction between you and the user for more traffic. 

Traffic Growth

Traffic Retention & Growth

Our team of experts understand where the traffic is coming from on your website so that you can improve or change your strategies according to that. But don’t worry we are here to guide you at every step. 

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Why You Need SEO Services for Your Website – Check Out Here

If you want to get organic traffic to your website, all you need is an SEO Optimized website. No matter what the size of your business, you can get success in the online world only if your website is hundred percent optimized in search engines. Best SEO services provided by Hub Media, will help your site to reach the first page of search results and also get great ranking on the page. In today’s scenario, the world’s biggest search engine has 200 plus criteria to determine the rank of a site in the result page. If we say SEO is a layman’s job, no it is not true. SEO is all about skills and proficiency and a great experience in the SEO market.

Search Engine Parameters Keeps Changing

The main reason why one business must hire a best SEO Service provider is because google keeps updating the algorithms of search engines often. There are regular additions and updates in search engines criteria. A best SEO company gets regular updates of different SEO methods of different search engines. It is important to know that search engines expect your website to meet their requirements, else your site will be ignored. A company that provides SEO services acts faster and also ensures that your site is not affected by new guidelines.

Guaranteed SEO Services needs to be focused on specific requirements of the Search engine

Due to modernization in every field, we must know that SEO may or may not work for your site. But an SEO expert gives you a great idea whether traditional SEO will work for you or not. As per your business and SEO for your website, they will refer you to the right type of SEO services like Ecommerce SEO, Local SEO or Voice SEO. As the digital world is growing day by day, there will be further classifications in SEO services. However, your site is safe if you hire an SEO expert for the growth of your business.

SEO Services are all Encompassing

A SEO company that has been working in the realm of SEO understands and knows what is the right approach to get the job right done. The company will audit your site, analyze competitor’s site, search for right keywords, will tell you whether on page or off techniques are best for your site, and come up with right customized techniques. Also SEO companies work hand in hand with the business team for evaluation of data in terms of SEO strategy and they reconstruct or fine tune the campaign on the basis for continuation of the right strategy that results in ranking.

SEO needs professional handling

Best SEO Company incorporates certain ways and techniques to get a better ranking of a website, this is the reason hiring an SEO company is a wise decision and SEO marketing services must be outsourced to a reliable company.

Why must you choose HUB MEDIA for SEO Services in Kolkata?

How does SEO Work?

Before you get SEO done for your website, you must know SEO is not a one time job. It includes a number of tasks, strategies and tactics to get results. It is not a onetime effort, you need to stay on autopilot mode and gradually see amazing results. Here are steps of SEO:

Your Goals

Our professional team, like marketing consultants, paid ads specialists works to identify your SEO goals. You need to develop an initial platform of SEO to define your goal and strategize your plan to reach your goal.

Site Audit

By having a site audit, we will get great knowledge about positives and negatives of the current position of your website. By using SEO tools, we conduct a site audit and then analyze what all perspectives are required for your website to get maximum benefit.

Competitive analyses

Your competitors site audit is a proven method to know what is the unique proposition of your site. This also helps in knowing your site’s strengths while staying in tune with competitors’ sites.

Keyword Research

This is the main phase of SEO, it is all about in-depth research about the popular search terms in regards to your business. This step is also combined with useful insights of how customers are searching. Our dedicated team finds out the search volume of the right keyword and then finds out the right keywords for business growth.

Mapping Optimization

Professionals will lay out how strategies will be implemented by assigning right keywords for each page of the site. It is a crucial step that makes sure the audience finds your business when they search relevant products or services offered by your business.


Our SEO Strategists apply on page techniques with the help of research and optimization maps. We keep a track of every technique we implement so that we are aware of the fact how effective our plan is.

Monitoring traffic and rankings

With the help of Google analytics and search console, we monitor how your site is performing. Here we will not only see how the site is performing, but will get an idea about new opportunities and reasons for failures.

Refine SEO Strategy

By looking at the performance data, we make changes in the SEO strategies and focus to improve your search engine results. By studying the analytics, it allows us to modify changes in SEO strategies for converting more visitors into customers.

Content Creation

This is also an important step of SEO, with our expertise team of content marketers we ensure to develop unique content that engages customers.

Refining and Reports

We continue to see the report of your site’s performance frequently. We check your analytics regularly to ensure overall health of the site.

Why is Hub Media is the Best SEO Company in Kolkata?

Whether a large company or small, HUB MEDIA offers best services for the growth of the business, that is why it is one of the best SEO agencies in Kolkata. We have come up with great results of successful business in the past.

We focus in providing core SEO Values:

Search Engine Optimization FAQs

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It refers to the technique of improving your website’s rank on search engine result pages. The purpose is to increase your site’s visibility for relevant searches. 

Search engines spiders, which are kind of automatic robot, collect all types of information such as, title tags, page speed, social signals, internal links, backlines and many more, about your website and webpages. Based on collected information, the spider decides when to serve a website page on request from a searcher. 

Google algorithm uses more than 200 ranking factors, which make it important to consider a large number of factors when preparing an SEO strategy. Both on-page and off-page factors play a role in determining how well a website is optimized and how well it performs in social engine search results ranking.

Digital marketing is focused on a comprehensive approach towards evaluating your goals, understanding the behavioural pattern of your target group, assessing your resources, monitoring and predicting industry trend and finally planning a set of strategies that will leave a larger and lingering impact on your business reach and revenue. 

With the world going digital, everything from infrastructure to data management and analytics can no longer remain in silos and instead, needs to undergo complete transformation. It necessities opting for digital marketing optimization to help your business get the volume and quality of attention it needs for growth and glory. 

Digital marketing helps your business growth through 

  • a new technology plan and operational model 
  • a new approach to enable development, deployment and constant optimization of digital marketing effort
  • continuous assessment of customer experiences and expectations 
  • fulfilling technology requirements for an integrated, best-in-class and bespoke system for data management, analysis and collaboration

These days, SEO is important for all and sundry. More businesses are now switching to online platform and even the brick and mortar shops are spending a lion’s share of their advertisement budget on internet marketing. In such a scenario, SEO is a sensible idea to enjoy improved visibility of your business site on the SERPs. The higher it ranks, the more traffic and click it will generate. 

SEO improves user experience as well and making it more likely that your business will receive repeat customers. And if it comes to cost, good news is you do not have to pay through your nose for SEO work.

Our digital making services offer:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization 
  • Content Marketing 
  • Pay-per-Click Advertising
  • Email Marketing 
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Mobile-Friendly Optimization 

Choice of keywords is extremely important for website ranking. Keywords are the specific words or phrases in your web content, which are relevant to your business niche and users’ search. A website optimized for search engines connects to its visitors through keywords. Both the website and end users speak the same language through keywords and phrases. 

Google is powerful but it also takes some time to spot your new website and pages. If you have launched your website just now, it is most likely that Google has not found out yet. If there are no results, Google does not know about your site but if there is at least one result, the big boss does.

A backlink refers to a link from one website to yours. High quality backlinks help improve your site’s visibility and ranking in SERPs. 

There are multiple (over 200) ranking factors but some of them are more important than others. These are as follows:

  • An Easily Accessible and Secure Website
  • Page Speed
  • Mobile Platform Compatibility 
  • Domain Age, URL and Authority 
  • Technical SEO
  • Optimized Content 
  • Links (Both Internal and External)
  • User Experience 
  • Social Signals
  • Real Business Information

Meta tags provide information about your webpages to search engines as well as visitors. They remain invisible but make it easier for search engines to figure out what your website content is all about. Meta tags are vital for search engines and your website ranking. 

Content is the real KING of any website, in terms of both information and technicalities. It takes time to develop SEO-friendly content but the effort and time pay off. There are some effective rules on developing SEO-friendly content to create SEO optimized website: 

  • Do keyword research
  • Create a strong content structure 
  • Write a crispy and catchy title
  • Use SEO-friendly URLs
  • Optimize meta description 
  • Write in small paragraphs
  • Add useful links
  • Optimize images
  • Maintain optimal content length 
  • Optimize your content for mobile interface 


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