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We are one of the top PPC advertising companies in Kolkata, offering Google Ad services for a higher return on investment. We utilize both Google Adwords and Bing AdCenter as our pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platforms. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements are a critical component of the internet advertising paradigm. Essentially, we leverage Google Adwords to advertise your adverts across several platforms. PPC campaign management is a time-consuming procedure that needs extensive research and analysis. You must select a PPC company in Kolkata that provides competent PPC management services and maximizes your investment return. Our PPC services are available via Google Adwords and Bing Adcenter. Hub Media team of Google-certified PPC experts. We are a Google-accredited business. 

Our PPC Services

If you’re seeking the greatest Pay Per Click marketing agency or SEO services that will deliver the best results within your budget constraints, look no further. Hub Media is dedicated to meeting all of your PPC demands with a strong dedication to provide you with outstanding customer service and an in-depth understanding of your requirements:

Website Analysis

Website Analysis

Looking for best Website Analytic? We are here to help you, by testing and analyzing your website’s performance in regards to speed, SEO, traffic and more. We provide you right steps to grow your website. 

PPC Keywords Research

Keyword Research

The power of keyword research understands the right group of audience. We provide you keywords for your content by understanding how customers are search your content, goods, and services. 

Budget planning

Budget Planning

Finding the best way to allocate your budget in your website? We will help you in budget distribution, by providing you necessary tools, outsourcing, and keeping other factors in mind. 

ppc campaign management service

Campaign Set Up

Hub Media team can set up, launch and optimize your online campaigns all over social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. We do strategic planning and then implement the campaigns to grow a business. 

lead management

Lead Generation

Hub Media can set right campaign strategy that can help to increase your leads & grow your business revenue.


ROI Calculation

Of course, to reach your goal, you make a website that attracts customers and then converts customers to get revenue out of it. We are here to calculate your return on investment for your website, to make sure you meet your goals. 

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Reasons to Hire Hub Media for PPC Management

If you are not convinced why you should hire our services, the followings are a few more explanations to give you some confidence:

Why Should You Begin PPC?

While any business requires new consumers to thrive, it is critical to do it economically. PPC management services also provide a significant boost to your SEO campaign. Experience the best-paid advertising agency service in Kolkata and triple your business’s growth!

PPC Advertisement Types

A Step-by-Step Guide to a Successful Campaign

Developing an effective PPC campaign needs much research and analysis by any digital marketing agency. We plan, create, and arrange your campaign in such a way that it attracts the most qualified customers.

Appropriate and Efficient Keyword Targeting

We aim to identify the most effective keywords that will maximize the effectiveness of your advertising campaign without exceeding your budget. We target the phrases that will help you reach your full potential by analyzing competition and other variables.

Choosing a Landing Page

The landing page chosen for a PPC ad is critical. When someone clicks on your PPC advertisement, they are directed to a landing page with a powerful call to action.

Creating advertisements

Writing compelling advertisements is critical to a campaign’s success. We create advertisements that entice consumers to click and transact.

Continuous Optimization

We do not stop working after a PPC ad campaign is created. We are always optimizing it to push it to new heights, offering top consumers a high return on investment.

Ads Testing

Our team checks an advertisement’s efficacy and ensures that it is operating at peak efficiency. We are constantly striving to increase the bar through A/B testing numerous advertisements.

Tendencies and Reactions

User patterns provide insight into how an advertisement should evolve to be successful. We track these statistics to see where clicks occur and how you can optimize an ad for optimal effectiveness.

Keyword Monitoring

You want to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising expenditure. We establish ROI objectives and adjust bids based on the keywords that generate the most traffic and conversions.

Performance Reporting for PPC

We ensure that you are not forced to make educated guesses regarding your PPC advertising. We conduct testing to determine if marketing or user trends have changed and keep you informed and involved.

Budgetary Considerations for Search

Our team gives you insight into how your search budget is spent and the results you receive.

Data conversion

We adhere to the adage “Knowledge is Power.” When you understand which advertisements and keywords generate the highest conversion rates for your organization, you can make an informed and qualified selection.

Instant data access

We provide you with an online dashboard that gives you fast access to all of your data.

The Advantages of Pay-per-click Services


Paid ads are the kind of advertisements that you pay for. Paid ads require the marketers to pay the owner for using the ad space. 

The difference between is pretty simple. You have to pay nothing for organic social content whereas paid social content requires you to spend on using space. Paid promotion is done to expand your reach to a larger audience within a very quick time. Organic social content relies on the feeds of people already following you. 

PPC is condensed form of Pay Per Click. It is a model of online marketing that requires the advertisers to pay a fee each time anybody clicks on one of their ads. In other words, it is kind of buying visits for your website instead of trying to earn visits in an organic way.  

The cost of your PPC ads is determined by following factors:

  • Keyword competition 
  • Quality score 
  • Competitors
  • Your bidding strategy

Google claims that PPC contributes to an overwhelming increase (by 80%) in brand awareness. For local searches, PPC ads claim ¼ of all search result clicks. It has been found that local businesses that use PPC to target their potential customer group geographically experience 107% increase in their on-store visits. 

PPC is a very powerful digital marketing tool. It is very effective for businesses, especially those with a small budget for promotion. PPC can be used to target the audience at any stage of the buying funnel. It starts with keyword analysis which involves tracking the keywords most often used by the visitors while buying. The lower the funnel, the greater return you will experience through higher conversion rate. 

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