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Pay Per Click Marketing Agency in Kolkata

The perfect PPC strategy can make all the difference in making most of the ad campaigns on your website. As a renowned pay-per-click company in Kolkata, we focus on generating more leads, lowering the cost per lead, maximizing the ROI, and converting clicks into traffic. 

Website Analysis

Website Analysis

Looking for best Website Analytic? We are here to help you, by testing and analyzing your website’s performance in regards to speed, SEO, traffic and more. We provide you right steps to grow your website. 

PPC Keywords Research

Keyword Research

The power of keyword research understands the right group of audience. We provide you keywords for your content by understanding how customers are search your content, goods, and services. 

Budget planning

Budget Planning

Finding the best way to allocate your budget in your website? We will help you in budget distribution, by providing you necessary tools, outsourcing, and keeping other factors in mind. 

ppc campaign management service

Campaign Set Up

Hub Media team can set up, launch and optimize your online campaigns all over social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. We do strategic planning and then implement the campaigns to grow a business. 

lead management

Lead Generation

Hub Media can set right campaign strategy that can help to increase your leads & grow your business revenue.


ROI Calculation

Of course, to reach your goal, you make a website that attracts customers and then converts customers to get revenue out of it. We are here to calculate your return on investment for your website, to make sure you meet your goals. 

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PPC or Pay Per Click is an instant traffic-generating tool and integral to a digital marketing campaign.  It is no less popular than SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Both deliver results but if you cannot wait to get results – we always recommend you should never run out of patience – PPC and not SEO is the right choice to rely on.

Not sure which company to trust for the PPC campaign? Here comes Hub Media, a leading digital company known for providing nothing less than the BEST when it comes to PPC service in Kolkata

Why PPC?

Organic SEO delivers results but it takes time to generate traffic. If you are looking for a method that delivers an instant result, you need to think beyond SEO. The best and most popular online marketing technique for your purpose is the PPC or Pay Per Click. This internet business strategy is a lucrative and effective solution to generate a high volume of traffic in short time. 

PPC is a very powerful component of an internet marketing campaign. But to experience the POWER and enjoy the BENEFITS, you need to hire a PPC service from a reputed company in Kolkata that has a good understanding of the GAME and already proven its SKILL. We have established ourselves as a trusted and tested player in the game of PPC. Pay Per click is one of the most important part of our digital marketing service to give you the maximum return on investment.

PPC management involves detailed research and in-depth analysis. At our PPC agency in Kolkata, we have a group of qualified, intelligent, experienced, dedicated, and patient PPC specialists who employ their best effort to ensure that your brand gets extra mileage in the competition. 

PPC – It Works Really Fast  

PPC Marketing Efforts are channelized through several ways – SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMA (Social Media Advertising), Re-targeting PPC, and Display Ads. We work and excel in each of these fields. Paid Per Click Ads are very different from traditional SEM and SMA and require expertise on a different level to generate results. 

As a part of our PPC services in Kolkata, we do proper keyword research and analysis for the PPC campaigns and set up the strategy aligned to your business motives and mantra. 

PPC Company Kolkata- Drive Instant Leads

If you are not convinced why you should hire our services, the followings are a few more explanation to give you some confidence:

Our PPC Management Services Include:

A well-programed PPC plan can bring a huge difference in response to your online marketing. With an impressive track record of developing an effective PPC strategy, we can confidently and convincingly engineer a properly optimized campaign to improve conversion rates for your business.   


Paid ads are the kind of advertisements that you pay for. Paid ads require the marketers to pay the owner for using the ad space. 

The difference between is pretty simple. You have to pay nothing for organic social content whereas paid social content requires you to spend on using space. Paid promotion is done to expand your reach to a larger audience within a very quick time. Organic social content relies on the feeds of people already following you. 

PPC is condensed form of Pay Per Click. It is a model of online marketing that requires the advertisers to pay a fee each time anybody clicks on one of their ads. In other words, it is kind of buying visits for your website instead of trying to earn visits in an organic way.  

The cost of your PPC ads is determined by following factors:

  • Keyword competition 
  • Quality score 
  • Competitors
  • Your bidding strategy

Google claims that PPC contributes to an overwhelming increase (by 80%) in brand awareness. For local searches, PPC ads claim ¼ of all search result clicks. It has been found that local businesses that use PPC to target their potential customer group geographically experience 107% increase in their on-store visits. 

PPC is a very powerful digital marketing tool. It is very effective for businesses, especially those with a small budget for promotion. PPC can be used to target the audience at any stage of the buying funnel. It starts with keyword analysis which involves tracking the keywords most often used by the visitors while buying. The lower the funnel, the greater return you will experience through higher conversion rate. 

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